Legal Translation Services

Lingua Translations specializes in providing high quality professional Legal translation services for solicitors and corporate clients worldwide. Our legal document translation services include both certified translation and official translation. At our translation agency, we have access to an extensive network of translators specializing in numerous areas of law to handle whatever sort of legal documents you would wish to translate to a particular language. Our translation agency also accepts Legal Aid Rates for document translation. Read more about our legal aid translation services.

Legal Translation Expertise

Familiarity with legal terminology in the source and target languages along with extensive knowledge of legal systems in both relevant countries is crucial to accurate and professional legal document translation services. Therefore, our translators utilize these strengths to an optimum level. A careful selection policy is in place to ensure a linguist with exactly the right expertise is assigned to your project, who will usually have prior experience of working in law themselves.

Certified Legal Translation Services

It is in the legal field when the importance of translation being certified really comes to the fore. Legal systems are different in every country, and a document will only usually be deemed relevant if it has the correct form of certification. Besides providing certified legal document translations, we also make sure, when necessary, that the translator provides a sworn affidavit, certifying that they have provided a legal equivalent of the source text in the target language.


Documents we translate:

  • Contracts documents

  • Powers of attorney

  • Insurance policies

  • Immigration documents

  • Witness statements

  • And various other documents.

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