Medical Translation Services

Are you looking for precise and high-quality medical translation services?. Lingua Translations is the leading provider of medical translation services and professional translation services to the pharmaceutical sectors. Our expertise caters for a wide range of areas such as biotechnology, neurosurgery, dentistry and veterinary. We know that accuracy is critical in medical translations because it has to do with people’s healthcare. There is no room for even the slightest of errors in medical translation – the consequences of inaccuracy can range from infringing on strict international laws to potential health risks.

Translation Services
  • Clinical reports and studies

  • Medical equipment manuals

  • Pharmaceutical guidelines

  • Hospital & insurance reports

  • Medical journals

  • Medical brochures

  • Medical software

  • Medical terminology glossaries

  • Pharmaceutical translation

The distribution of drugs and devices across countries has increased the demand for medical translations. To inform professionals and patients about the benefits of their products, pharmaceutical companies need to translate clinical trial reports, drugs catalogues and marketing material. Translators within our network have prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry and keep themselves abreast of new developments.

Accurate Medical Translation

Our policy is to only ever use native-speaking medical translators, in order to ensure complex medical terminology is translated correctly. In addition to their own in-depth medical knowledge, translators also have access to glossaries and specialist dictionaries to achieve the highest possible level of accuracy – all of which precedes a stringent editing process. Rest assured that however complex the medical jargon involved, translations are tailored to read clearly to the target audience, regardless of whether they have medical expertise or not.

Multilingual Medical Translations

Lingua Translations is also offering medical interpreting services, medical transcription services and scientific translation, medical research translations and pharmaceutical translations.

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