Technical Translation Services

Lingua Translations provides high quality, reliable and professional technical translation worldwide. Technical translations require a high level of knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology. Any misinterpretation or mistake in the translations of user manuals or guides could lead to a risky situation for potential users.

Technical translation relates to a wide range of documents spanning all manners of technological and scientific subjects. Material specifications, operating manuals and technical reports are some of the many documents put to us on a frequent basis. A notable aspect of this type of translation is the precision in which words are used – technical writing has to be exact, direct and to the point, essentially giving a translator the task of producing a perfect word-for-word translation.

Areas that we provide technical translation in include:

  • Aerospace

  • Auto sector

  • Energy

  • IT

  • Machinery

  • Electronics

  • Telecommunications

  • Mining

  • Oil and Gas Extraction

  • Power Tools and Automation

  • Manufacturing

  • Technical Terminology

Correct technical terminology has to be used consistently in translations. Our translators always have a wealth of experience in the relevant field to draw upon, along with having access to an extensive glossary of terms. Translation memories are used to quicken the process without sacrificing any of the human aspects of this highly specialized task, guaranteeing consistency in a text and a fast turnaround time.

Our translation company provides translations that are accurate, clearly written and uses the correct terminology for the given field. We pride ourselves on recruiting only the most qualified native translators, who will translate anything from user’s guides and training material to technical manuals and online support.

Professional Technical Translation Services

Hi-tech companies are in constant evolution to deliver the most sophisticated products and to surpass their competitors. To sell their products worldwide, these companies need to translate their catalogues and manuals to several languages. Our teams work with a variety of languages to make this possible.

Other translation services that we offer include the following:
  • Energy translations

  • Product user manuals

  • Engineering translations

  • Software localisation

  • Manufacturing translations

  • Technical manuals

Our professional translators are experts in fields such as engineering, IT and chemistry. To ensure that our linguists use the correct technical terminology we provide them training in the up-to-date glossary of technical terms that are specific to their industry. All our document translations including technical files follow strict quality assurance procedures to ensure a consistently high-quality service.

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