Transcription Services

As often difficult a task as it may be, the simple concept behind transcription services is transferring data from one format such as audio or video into another – usually a written transcription or an electronic format. Lingua Translations provides a variety of transcription services covering numerous industries, with the option of translating the transcription into another language once completed.

Our transcription services include:
  1. Interview transcription

  2. Conference transcription

  3. Podcast Transcription

  4. Audio-Video transcription

  5. Medical transcription

  6. Legal transcription

File formats we deal with include CD, DVD, Video, Audio Cassette, MP3, MP4, AVI, MPEG, WAV and many others.

Professional Transcriptionists

Transcriptionists within our sizeable network are highly qualified and capable of dealing with all types of multimedia formats, whilst being able to use specialist software to assist them if required. Project managers will ensure a transcriptionist with suitable expertise is assigned to your project.

Media Transcription Services

Lingua Translations provides translation, subtitling and transcription services for the media industry. Our transcriptionists have proven expertise in providing television channels and records companies the best services in minimum turnaround time.

Media transcription includes:
  • Documentaries Interviews

  • Movies, Music files

  • Media Events Television & Radio Programs

Conference transcripts

Conference transcripts are commonly required by business companies, financial institutions and academic organizations wanting to keep a full recording of conferences and seminars. We also provide media translation services when required.

Types of conferences that we transcribe:

  • Board Meetings Focus Group

  • Presentations Research Interviews

  • Seminar Transcriptions

  • Web Conferences

  • Our professionals deliver intelligent verbatim transcriptions as required.

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